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Who We Are

Gosu provides leading talent & insights across APAC, scaling companies within bleeding-edge content, interactive experiences and immersive digital worlds.

We partner with top tier companies who are pushing the boundaries on what is possible to help them realise their goals: Immutable, PlaySide, GameLoft & Plastic Wax to name a few, equipping their teams for success.

Our phrase "Discover Your Calling" is that everyone should reach their full potential by following their passions, that's when people shine the brightest.


Our philosophy stands on five core pillars which is our lifeblood for success. 

Integrity - We operate with full transparency & honesty:
At our core, we believe in conducting our business with unwavering integrity. Transparency and honesty are the cornerstones of our interactions, both internally and externally. We strive to be open about our processes, decisions, and challenges, fostering a culture of trust and reliability.


Accountable - We take responsibility for our actions:
Accountability is more than just a word for us it's a commitment to turning up everyday to our responsibilities. We believe in taking proactive steps to deliver on our promises. When challenges arise, we don't shy away—we address them head-on, learn from them, and continuously improve our approach.

Timely - We ensure our customers take priority:
Our dedication to being timely is a reflection of our commitment to our customers. We understand the value of their time and prioritise delivering solutions promptly. Whether it's responding to inquiries, meeting deadlines, or providing support, we aim to exceed expectations and demonstrate our unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction.


Mastery - We operate with bespoke methods:
It's not just a goal.  it's a continuous journey of improvement and refinement. We take pride in our craft, always seeking to enhance our skills and methodologies. By operating with bespoke methods, we ensure that our solutions are tailor-made, reflecting the highest standards of quality and innovation.


Curious - We believe in a growth mindset & continuous evolution:
The driving force behind our growth mindset is that we embrace challenges as opportunities to learn and evolve. In a dynamic and ever-changing landscape, we are curious learners, constantly seeking new insights, embracing change, and adapting our strategies to stay at the forefront of our industry.







These values collectively define the essence of who we are as a team and guide our decisions and actions. By embodying these principles, we not only foster a positive work environment but also cultivate strong, lasting relationships with our customers and partners.

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